MBA and Internship in the UK – Top Scholarships with Practical Experience

MBA and Internship in the UK – Top Scholarships with Practical Experience

Aspiring business leaders listen up! Combining an MBA in the UK with a built in internship is the ultimate power move. You gain prestigious qualifications, hone your skills in real world settings and build valuable industry connections – all while immersing yourself in the UK’s dynamic business landscape.


But what if there are a few concerns especially finance? Numerous incredible MBA scholarships in UK programs offer integrated internships paving the way for an affordable and experience rich journey.

Here are some top scholarship options to catapult your career:

1. Chevening Scholarships for MBA with Integrated Work Experience: This prestigious UK government program funds high potential individuals pursuing an MBA with an integrated internship at various top universities. Fully funded, these scholarships cover tuition fees, living expenses and a stipend, eliminating financial barriers. To be eligible, you must demonstrate outstanding academic and professional achievements, strong leadership potential and a commitment to contributing to your home country upon returning.


2. Santander Scholarships for Women in Leadership: Championing gender diversity in business, these scholarships offer £30,000 towards an MBA with an integrated internship at renowned universities like Warwick Business School and Imperial College Business School. Open to high achieving women from developing countries, the program seeks individuals passionate about driving positive change through leadership roles in business.

3. Skoll Scholarship for Sustainable Business: For those dedicated to tackling global challenges through sustainable business practices, the Skoll Scholarship offers full tuition fees and living expenses for an MBA with an internship at the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School. Ideal for social entrepreneurs and changemakers, the program seeks individuals with a strong track record of social impact and a vision for transforming business for good.

4. Executive MBA Scholarships with Integrated Internships: Several universities like Cranfield School of Management and Cambridge Judge Business School offer Executive MBA programs with built in internships specifically designed for experienced professionals. Scholarships, like the Cranfield Executive MBA Scholarship, provide partial funding for these intensive programs, making them more accessible to seasoned leaders seeking to accelerate their careers.

5. MBA Programs with Industry-Specific Internships: Some universities tailor their MBA scholarships in UK programs to specific industries like the Shell Centenary Scholarship at Imperial College Business School for energy sector professionals. These scholarships often include funded internships within relevant companies offering invaluable industry experience and potential career pathways.


Even if you don’t secure a scholarship with a built in internship, many MBA programs in the UK actively support students in finding internship placements. Here are some ways to maximize your internship opportunities:

  • University career services: Utilize the resources and guidance offered by your university’s career center. They can connect you with relevant companies, help you tailor your resume and cover letter and prepare you for internship interviews.
  • Alumni network: Leverage the power of your university’s alumni network. Reach out to alumni working in your desired industry or company for informational interviews and internship leads.
  • Professional associations: Join relevant professional associations related to your field. These organizations often post internship opportunities and host networking events where you can connect with potential employers.
  • Proactive applications: Don’t wait for opportunities to come to you. Research companies you’re interested in and proactively reach out to hiring managers or internship coordinators expressing your interest.

Don’t forget that a successful internship requires preparation, initiative and networking. Make the most of your time in the United Kingdom, build strong relationships and showcase your skills and potential – these experiences will be invaluable assets as you launch your post MBA career.

Your Future with an MBA and Internship in the UK

Combining an MBA in the UK with a built in internship is a strategic investment in your future. You gain access to world class education, practical industry experience and valuable professional networks, boosting your career prospects and propelling you towards success.

So, explore the scholarship opportunities listed above, leverage your university’s resources and take the initiative to secure your internship placement. The UK awaits with open arms and exciting possibilities. Embrace the challenge, make the most of your time there and embark on a rewarding journey that will transform your professional life.


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