APPLY: Executive MBA Scholarships for Women

Executive MBA Scholarships for Women

The Executive MBA program at Saïd Business School offers two distinct scholarship opportunities for outstanding female candidates during each intake aimed at fostering diversity and promoting women in leadership roles.


These scholarships are the Forté Foundation Fellowships for Women and the Oxford Executive MBA Scholarships for Women in association with the 30% Club.

1. Forté Foundation Fellowships for Women

The Forté Foundation is a non profit organization and it doesn’t have traditional owners in the way a for profit business does so the Saïd Business School proudly aligns itself with the Forté Foundation a non profit consortium that brings together major corporations and leading business schools with a shared mission to empower women through access to business education, opportunities, and a supportive community of successful women.


The Forté Foundation Fellowship for Women provides substantial financial support offering £30,000 towards course fees.

2. Oxford Executive MBA Scholarships for Women in association with the 30% Club

The 30% Club is a global campaign focused on promoting gender diversity in corporate leadership specifically advocating for a minimum of 30% representation of women on corporate boards. It operates as a collaborative initiative involving various companies, organizations and business leaders.

This scholarship initiative in collaboration with the 30% Club seeks to support highly qualified female candidates and encourages an increase in the representation of women in senior leadership roles.


Recipients of this scholarship are also granted access to events organized by the 30% Club’s mentoring partner, Moving Ahead. The Oxford Executive MBA Scholarships for Women cover 50% of the course fees.

Scholarship Details: For the January 2024 intake of the Executive MBA program quite a limited number of scholarships are available:

  • Up to four Forté Foundation Fellowships for Women.
  • Up to two Oxford Executive MBA Scholarships for Women in association with the 30% Club.


Both scholarships are open exclusively to female candidates aligning with their shared goal of promoting gender diversity in executive leadership.

The selection criteria for the Oxford Executive MBA Scholarships for Women, in association with the 30% Club, are comprehensive and aim to identify exceptional female candidates who not only possess strong academic credentials but also demonstrate a commitment to leadership, inspiration, and ambassadorship. The criteria include:


Academic Achievement

Candidates are expected to showcase their academic excellence through their Curriculum Vitae (CV) and transcripts. Academic performance is a fundamental aspect of the selection process, emphasizing the importance of a solid academic foundation for success in the Executive MBA program.

Professional Achievement

The evaluation of professional achievement is a critical component of the selection process. The scholarship committee looks for evidence of leadership or the potential for leadership in the candidate’s professional background. This assessment is based on the information provided in the CV and the scholarship statement, offering insights into the candidate’s professional journey and accomplishments.

Commitment to Inspire and Act as a Role Model

A distinguishing feature of the selection criteria is the candidate’s commitment to inspiring others and serving as a role model. This element underscores the importance of candidates who not only excel individually but also contribute to the broader goal of encouraging and motivating others. The scholarship statement is a key platform for candidates to articulate their dedication to being an inspirational figure and role model for future leaders.

Application Process

Candidates must submit a complete Executive MBA application and upload a supporting statement (up to 400 words) in the ‘Funding’ section of the program application form. This statement should address how the candidate meets the scholarship selection criteria. It is crucial to meet the application deadlines for consideration, with various stages available:

  • Stage 1: 13 November 2023
  • Stage 2: 15 January 2024
  • Stage 3: 18 March 2024
  • Stage 4: 13 May 2024
  • Stage 5: 15 July 2024

Submitting the application in earlier stages is encouraged to maximize college choices and increase the chances of receiving a scholarship. The scholarship statement and the Executive MBA application form collectively assess candidates’ suitability.

Assessing Candidate Suitability: Candidates’ suitability for these scholarships will be evaluated through the scholarship statement and the Executive MBA application form. While the CV and transcripts submitted with the program application may be considered, candidates are advised to highlight any pertinent information within the scholarship statement.

Providing context, such as individual determination or ambition, is encouraged. It’s important to note that the scholarship supporting statement is not utilized during the admissions process.

In essence, these scholarships represent Saïd Business School’s commitment to promoting gender diversity and empowering women in leadership roles, creating a supportive environment for female candidates pursuing executive education.

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