APPLY NOW: 2024 Go Global MBA Scholarship

2024 Go Global MBA Scholarship 

The Go Global MBA Scholarship administered by educations.com is a prestigious award designed to support and recognize students pursuing an MBA at leading international universities. This scholarship valued at up to $7,000 is open to applicants worldwide who have gained admission to an MBA program outside their home country.


With a focus on academic excellence, financial need and a dedication to global business; the Go Global MBA Scholarship provides not only financial support but also vast and different opportunities for networking, exposure to diverse cultures and professional development.

Aspiring MBA students are encouraged to explore this transformative scholarship to enhance their educational and career prospects in the global business landscape.

The selection process for the Go Global MBA Scholarship is often times rigorous focusing on identifying individuals with exceptional academic potential, genuine financial need and a steadfast commitment to advancing in the field of global business.


Prospective candidates must submit

  • A comprehensive set of documents including a completed application form.
  • A personal statement outlining their aspirations and motivations including letters of recommendation.
  • A copy of their academic transcript.

The $7,000 scholarship serves as a catalyst for individuals aspiring to attain an MBA degree. By alleviating a portion of the financial burden, the Go Global MBA Scholarship facilitates access to education and fosters a diverse cohort of future leaders in global business.

The scholarship’s benefits extend beyond the monetary realm offering recipients a unique opportunity to connect with a global network of like minded individuals. This networking aspect is invaluable providing students with the chance to forge connections with peers and professionals from diverse backgrounds enriching the educational experience.

The Go Global MBA Scholarship contributes to recipients’ exposure to different cultures enhancing their understanding of global dynamics. This exposure aligns with the scholarship’s goal of developing leaders with a global mindset which is better preparing students for the complexities of international business.


The scholarship’s impact also includes crucial professional development for recipients. It is awarded to individuals exhibiting strong leadership potential and a commitment to making a positive impact on the world. The program incorporates elements aimed at nurturing leadership skills and providing opportunities for high achieving individuals to network with peers and professionals.

This professional development enhances the competitiveness of recipients in the job market. The prestigious award serves as a testament to academic achievements and leadership potential, setting individuals apart and enhancing their employability.

The application process for the Go Global MBA Scholarship is comprehensive designed to identify individuals meeting stringent criteria. Prospective applicants must ensure eligibility including applying or planning to apply for an MBA program commencing in the Fall 2024 semester and having no more than five years of relevant professional work experience.

To initiate the application process, candidates create an account on the Go Global MBA Scholarship website. This account serves as the gateway to the application form allowing candidates to provide essential information about their personal background, educational history, professional experience and MBA aspirations.

  • As part of the application candidates submit
  • A pitch elevator
  • A concise presentation of themselves
  • A short essay (400-500 words) responding to the question: “How will an MBA program help you grow as a leader with global mindsets and achieve your career objectives?” This essay delves into the candidate’s personal and professional aspirations providing insight into their motivations.

Once the application form is completed candidates submit it along with all requisite supporting documentation. This includes transcripts, letters of recommendation and a resume. These documents provide a comprehensive overview of the candidate’s academic and professional background aiding the evaluation process.

The application deadline for the Go Global MBA Scholarship 2024 is April 24, 2024 providing prospective candidates with over 100 days remaining until the deadline. Timely and thorough preparation is crucial for potential applicants looking to embark on this transformative opportunity.

The Go Global MBA Scholarship stands as a beacon of opportunity for individuals aspiring to pursue an MBA program at a leading international university. This scholarship, with its holistic approach to fostering growth and development, empowers individuals to overcome barriers and thrive in the dynamic and interconnected world of global business.

As the deadline approaches, prospective applicants are encouraged to seize the chance to elevate their educational and professional pursuits through the Go Global MBA Scholarship.


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