APPLY NOW: Griffith University Scholarships Australia 2024

Griffith University Scholarships Australia 2024

Griffith University Scholarships Australia 2024

Embark on an enriching academic journey in Australia with the exciting opportunity provided by Griffith University Scholarships for the academic year 2024-2025. This article particularly offers a detailed overview of the scholarship program, its diverse benefits and a step by step guide to the application process.


Whether you’re a prospective undergraduate, postgraduate, or post doctoral student, Griffith University extends a range of scholarships from full funding to partial financial support to support your educational aspirations.

Nestled in South East Queensland on Australia’s east coast, Griffith University stands as a prestigious public research institution. Established in 1971 and officially inaugurated in 1975, Griffith University made history by introducing Australia’s first degrees in environmental science and Asian studies.

With a commitment to fostering innovation and academic excellence, Griffith University has become a hub for high-achieving students seeking quality education in a vibrant academic environment.


Griffith University Scholarships News 2024-25 cater to a diverse range of academic pursuits, including undergraduate, masters, PhD and post doctorate level programs. The scholarship program covers a multitude of subjects ensuring that students can align their studies with their academic interests and career goals.

For detailed information about majors and fields of study applicants can refer to the provided link for a comprehensive list.

Scholarship Benefits

Griffith University Scholarships comprise various categories each tailored to meet the diverse needs of students:

  1. Remarkable Scholarship: Designed to acknowledge exceptional students applying for undergraduate and postgraduate coursework degree programs, this scholarship covers 50% of tuition fees for outstanding individuals.
  2. International Student Academic Excellence Scholarship: Recognizing and supporting exceptional international students seeking admission to undergraduate and postgraduate programs, this scholarship offers coverage of 25% of tuition fees for outstanding students.
  3. International Student Academic Merit Scholarship: Intended to reward high achieving international students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate coursework programs, this scholarship provides coverage of 20% of tuition fees for high achieving students.
  4. GELI Direct Entry Program (DEP) Scholarship: Specifically for exceptional Griffith English Language Institute Direct Entry Program students, this scholarship provides financial support with a value of $1,000.
  5. Griffith International Scholarship for Griffith College Diploma to Degree: Dedicated to outstanding Griffith College diploma students, this scholarship offers financial assistance with a value of $3,000.
  6. Griffith Research Scholarships: Supporting individuals pursuing a PhD or research degree, these scholarships may include coverage for tuition fees, living allowances, relocation support and thesis allowances.
  7. Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarships: Awarded to students demonstrating exceptional research potential, these scholarships assist with general living expenses during higher degree research in Australia.
  8. CSIRO Postdoctoral Scholarships and CSIRO Postgraduate Scholarships: Offering opportunities for postdoctoral and postgraduate studies, these scholarships allow students to work alongside leaders in the fields of science and engineering, providing invaluable experience.

Eligible Nationalities and Criteria

Griffith University Scholarships are open to domestic and international students of all nationalities. To qualify for these scholarships, applicants must meet specific criteria.

  1. Language Requirement: Proficiency in English is mandatory to ensure effective communication and academic engagement.
  2. Nationality: Applicants should hold citizenship from a country other than Australia or New Zealand.
  3. Academic Performance: Maintain a minimum GPA of 5.5 or higher on a 7-point scale or an equivalent score. The eligibility criteria based on the Minimum GPA can be referred to in the provided PDF.
  4. Application Submission: Submit your application for admission to Griffith University by the specified deadline for scholarship applications.
  5. Academic and Language Proficiency: Fulfill all academic prerequisites and meet the English language proficiency criteria for the undergraduate or postgraduate coursework program you intend to pursue.
  6. Full Time Enrollment: Enroll as a full-time student, commencing your studies in either Trimester 1, 2, or 3 of the year 2024.

Application Procedure: To initiate the application process, interested applicants can click on the provided link. It is essential to provide certified/attested true copies of academic transcripts and supporting documentation demonstrating strong academic merit. The application deadline varies according to the type of scholarship, and applicants are encouraged to visit the provided link for specific deadlines.

Griffith University Scholarships for the academic year 2024-2025 present a golden opportunity for students to pursue their educational dreams in a globally recognized institution. With a commitment to recognizing and rewarding academic excellence, Griffith University aims to foster a diverse community of scholars who will contribute significantly to their respective fields. The array of scholarships caters to students at different academic levels and fields of study, ensuring that aspiring individuals can find the support they need to excel in their chosen paths.


As you embark on your academic journey at Griffith University, you not only gain access to quality education but also become part of a vibrant and inclusive community. The scholarship benefits extend beyond financial assistance, providing a platform for students to engage in groundbreaking research, collaborate with leading experts and make lasting contributions to their fields.

Griffith University Scholarships open doors to a transformative educational experience where students can explore their passions, unleash their potential and shape a promising future.

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