Apply for Book Ghostwriter at Creative Pen (Remote)

If you’re an experienced writer eager to produce engaging nonfiction books (not creative writing) for a worldwide readership, we want to hear from you!

We are looking for a gifted writer at Creative Pen to create 30,000-word books using given outlines. This is a long-term career that offers an amazing opportunity to bring ideas to life for readers all across the world.

  • Type of Job – Full-Time
  • Qualification – BA/BSc/HND
  • Work Experience – 1 year upward
  • Location – Lagos State
  • City – Lagos
  • Job Field – Media/Advertising/Branding
  • Pay Range – N100,000 – N150,000

Our Expectations

  • Using the given outlines as a guide, conduct research and develop engrossing 30,000-word novels.
  • Write for a global readership in a clear, succinct, and captivating manner to create novels that they won’t want to put down!
  • Being creative is essential! Copying and pasting, using AI, or plagiarising will not be accepted.
  • Speak or write in perfect grammar and sentence structure with a great understanding of the English language.
  • Be a dependable team member and fulfill deadlines regularly.

Qualities for Our Intended Candidate

  • Writing in a Conversational Style: Your writing is straightforward and flows naturally.
    Proven track record: You’re an accomplished writer with a solid portfolio that demonstrates your capacity for producing high-caliber work.
  • Time-sensitive: You perform well in a hurried setting and regularly fulfill deadlines without sacrificing quality.
  • International appeal: You can adapt your content to a worldwide audience because you know the subtleties of writing for them.
  • Maintain Integrity: You wouldn’t consider using AI shortcuts or plagiarism because you think that original work is important.

Please Be Informed That:
This isn’t a post for beginners. We need writers with experience who can produce polished, expert work.
Any content that is copied and pasted online or created using artificial intelligence will be immediately terminated without pay.


Competitive pay (N4/word, or N120,000 for 30,000 words) is provided for this role, and performance-based bonuses may also be earned.

How to Apply for this Opportunity

Are you prepared to apply?

Provide a maximum of two written samples that best reflect your writing skills. Applications without samples won’t be taken into account.

Candidates who meet the requirements can apply by clicking the Apply Now link below.


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